How to Design a Great Business Brochure

Brochures serve as wonderful marketing tools for businesses. They are able to interestingly tell a story and educate your customers. As a brochure printing company in NJ, we have seen many brochures in our days. Some of the best ones, the ones that were designed to make an impression, have done just that and are still stuck in our minds as great examples.

Below, we happily share some of tips and ideas that we have collected along the way to help you create a wonderful, one-of-a-kind brochure for your business.

  • Pick an angle. Brochures offer a lot more space than advertisers may be used to. With more room than just a single ad or flyer, brochures leave a lot of room for educating your customers. They also leave a lot of room for you to stray from the subject. Pick one clear objective for your brochure and stick to it- this way customers don’t go from reading about your products to reading about your Christmas parties with just a flip of the page. A brainstorming meeting with some of the most creative minds in your business is recommended while picking your objective/angle.
  • Target an audience. This tip ties into the previous one. If you know who you are targeting, you can add the information to your brochure that they want to read. If you are targeting future employees, for example, writing about that fun Christmas party might not be such a bad idea after all. If you are targeting customers, know what they are looking for and what questions they want answered.
  • Make it look good. Don’t add too many fonts. Don’t over-stuff your brochure with just words. Choose a good layout. Just do whatever you can to make your brochure pretty; the more visually appealing your brochure is, the better.

Not the Creative Type?

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If the above tips are not enough to get your creative juices stirring, get in touch with us today. Not only do we offer brochure printing services to our NJ customers, we also offer graphic design. So if you are not the creative type or are just unsure how to make your ideas come to life, we will help you to design an appealing brochure that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

Contact use today at 732-687-5932 for more information on brochure printing in NJ.

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